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The Fuel for Hate: Foreign and Domestic.

Last Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2020 7:42 PM
More Food for Thought?
#1 - No God = NoAnswers... ChalkBoard Talk

#2 - Why do You Need An AR-15?

#3 - Red States vs Blue States: How Gov't Statistics are Inaccurate
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1 - Military Suicides & Homicides - The Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs

2 - Which Psychotropics Up Risk of Death? | Psychiatric Times

3 - Suicidal Behavior Increased With Opioids, Psychotropic Medication Misuse in Epilepsy - Neurology Advisor

4 - Of 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Were Fatherless | RealClearPolitics

5 - New Atheists (especially on social media) are prone to be mass shooters. The profiles of past mass shooters are similar in that they all have some sort of animosity towards Christianity, they're militant and boastful, and express Nihilistic thinking. Hence, Atheism becomes one of the most volatile lifestyles because there is no moral restraint in place. The pressure builds and builds until another mass shooting takes place. - Christian Polemicist - Posts

6 - Psychotropic medication use before and after suicidal presentations to the emergency department: A longitudinal analysis - ScienceDirect

7 - Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs Cause Suicide: A Fact National Suicide Prevention Week Ignores, Further Endangering Lives | CCHR International

8 - The Latest: Dayton shooter's friend will stay in jail


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