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In regards to Voter Integrity,  Who's the boss? - GOP Senator Click 2 Call Lists

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 8:42 AM
Physical Mail versus Phone Calls
The American People are. So let your legislator know this by first calling, with your phone, via CLICK 2 CALL LIST below to GOP Senator.

Note: You will NOT get to speak to the Senator on the phone, but a staff member as most Senators are not in the office anyway. So just leave a message with the staff member who will listen to you what you have to say and relay what you have to say.

A phone call gets a legislator's attention far better than e-mail as many e-mails are automated or considered spam. Yet if the phone lines are busy, switch to printing and mailing first, not e-mail. That is, print out one of the PDFs on Voter Integrity on your printer and mail it to your legislators' office. (see the section on PDF below).

If the poltical staffer says they only take calls from in-state residents, just tell that you (and your friends) can still come down and campaign FOR or AGAINST a poltical candidate.

E-Mail blasts to state legislators can sometimes be automatically labeled as spam by the E-Mail Server and then blocked. It is best to ask around and even CALL FIRST a staffer for state legislators on how many e-mail addresses can be sent on a single e-mail.

In fact, you should do a few tests and CALL the staffer of a local politician to make sure your e-mail blast goes through. Every state and city has its own custom set of e-mail server rules on spam and e-mail blasts.

Physical Mail versus Phone Calls
Physical Snail Mail gets more attention than phone calls or e-mails. It might not arrive on time, but it will still get a legislator's attention more than anything else besides the last suggestion below.

As a last resort, print out a PDF's on Voter Integrity and mail or drop off at your local businesses, e.g., Coffee shops, hair salon, barber shop, doctor's office, pizza shop, local clothing store, church, etc.

Let your legislator know, who's the boss.
Lone Ranger vs Team Work
There are quite a few Conservatives who call, fax, e-mail and write their local politicians on a regular basis.
Yet, let's remember that all politicians COUNT VOTES. And that means politicians count how many people you represent.

So if you are a lone ranger, a dedicated patriot, you are still just one (1) vote to a politician.

Hence, instead of more calls, more faxes, more e-mails, and more letters to your politicians by you as a LONE RANGER, your time should be spent building face-to-face relationships with other conservatives and hence building a small group with, say, a couple of people.

Two in a group can become three. And three can become four and so on.

Then after you have a few people, then go to the politicians as a group because as a group is more than one (1) vote.

Regular meeting group photos (showing you are more than one person) help a lot in convincing your "group" needs to be taken seriously by your local politicians.

See how that works?
Republican Senator Click 2 Call List          Republican U.S. Representative Click 2 Call List          Battleground State Legislator Contact Pages
GOP Senator Click 2 Call List

White to the Legislators (Printable PDFs for Snail Mail)            Printer
  1. Can Blue Cities Do Anything Right_VoterFraud_
    8.5" x 11" Printable PDF  PDF

  2. Blue Democratic City_Nobody Wants To Live There,
    8.5" x 11" Printable PDF  PDF

  3. Blue Democratic City_Why Trust Votes
    Where School Systems Cheat Their Own Students_
    8.5" x 11" Printable PDF  PDF

  4. Blue Democratic City_Why Trust Votes
    With Welfare Recipients In Mercedes_
    8.5" x 11" Printable PDF  PDF



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For the Silent Majority Who want to get into the Game ...Silently

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