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Women's Rights? Or Women who want it both ways?

Last Updated: Thursday, December 17, 2020 2:45 AM
Does no really mean no?
At least 90% of all College Date Rape (and you can bet unwanted pregnancies), involve alcohol.

With a non-stop alcohol culture, even at non-profit events, many vocal Feminists secretly hate men because they were *date raped* while drinking alcohol and did not understand the Point of No Return.

Similarly, Women's cries about Domestic Violence involves alcohol.

Hence, if Ten (10) Bouncers in a Bar/Club still do not prevent bar fights due to patrons drinking too much, then why should Women's Rights make any difference in regards to the stupid things that happen with too much Alcohol?

Can Feminists have it both ways? Drink too much alcohol and expect nothing stupid to happen?
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