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Q: Which headline will sell more Hollywood Movies and TV Shows? A: Tripped going into Elevators...Starts Riot. Or, B: Small Fire in Dust Bowl burns down Parts of Town?

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 1:30 PM

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There is an amazing level of detail in Tulsa Race Riot Disaster Relief by this American Red Cross Report created in 1921 [4]. Yet, if the American Red Cross had this level of effort, why didn't any of the other newspapers cover this same event? Why are there no follow-up articles in the local newspapers? And why isn't it until like 80 years later, we find out about this?

Also amazing how they are able to dig up a detailed disaster relief report, but not a single Black Wall Street business name, the products they sold, or services provided. Nor how the owner created their business or what they did after the riot.

[The more you lie, the harder it becomes to keep track of all the additional lies you have to tell to support the first lie. And when one lie is exposed, the entire house of cards falls down.]


"It is said within Greenwood every dollar would change hands 19 times before it left the community," said Place."

Wow! 19 times and the names of these businesses and what they did are nowhere to be found? Nor did they help the surrounding neighborhoods or cities?

What kind of successfull businesses do NOT have customers from surrounding neighborhoods or cities?

Amazing how a prosperous neighborhood in Tulsa, OK, that is Black Wall Street, kept their red hot economy a secret and never let anyone know about.

One could say that Tulsa, OK (aka Black Wall Street) was an exception to the phrase, "money talks" or "good news spreads fast".
After WW2, there were Nuremberg trials, and also massive money to reconstruct Europe. This plus East and West Germany and the Cold War. There were WW2 events every year there after the end of the war.

However, with 1921 Tulsa Riot, there was 80 years of complete silence.
The story goes that a guy opened up a boarding house in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then that was the catalyst to cause Greenwood to grow and become Black Wall Street. Yet, has public housing, mixed housing, or Section 8 ever created properity?

And why not ask "Who did the tenants of the boarding house work for?" Did they just all of a sudden become rich and start the own business? And then one day Black Wall Street just suddenly appeared?

Amazing how they know the story of how Black Wall Street started and how it ended, but not a single thing in between.

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