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How can a God of Love send people to Hell?

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 21, 2023 7:16 AM
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True Love means True Freedom
Is it not said that,
If you Love someone, you must set them Free so they can Love you back?
And If God sets that person to be truly Free, shouldn't that person suffer the consequences of their choices to be Truly Free? Yet if not Truly Free, wouldn't that be like Slavery?
How can you define Love without Hate? Or define Heaven without Hell? Hence, there must both be a Heaven and a Hell.
John Lennon's Imagine Song
Isn't John Lennon's Imagine Song really Self-Contradicting as the place being described in the song with No Heaven, No Hell, No Borders, No Possessions is actually just a Re-Defined Heaven? Sort of like the phrase, "Never say Never" self-contradicts itself twice.
Free Will:   What does “free” really mean?
Hence, some say that they don't really have Free Will since God is in control over everything. And hence should not be subjected to Hell as they didn't have free will to make choices in the first place.

Likewise, what is the definition of Free Will? Should Free Will be *free* from the all-seeing ability and all powerfulness of God? Or Should Free Will be *free* from the Laws of Physics?

Or maybe Free Will means having the Universe all to yourself?

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