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Science is based on Facts and Faith; I believe in Science as Science is based on Facts - Typical "there is no big picture" Atheist

Last Updated: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 10:04 AM
The Facts versus All the Facts
Does Science have All the Facts in the Universe? How about all the Facts of the both the Present and the Past? No, Science does not have All the Facts. Hence, whatever Science claims is only based upon Partial Facts and thus, Science must have some Faith to make any conclusions.

Also, Repeatable Evidence != All the Evidence
The Facts versus All the Facts
How can an Atheist say that the Universe is just a bunch of Random Accidents and hence, Meaningless? Yet, turn right around and say that Prayer in schools means something to them and is not Meaningless?
Atheist = Meaningless Worry Wart
If an Atheist believes everything is just a bunch of random accidents and meaningless, why worry (or protest) about anything at all, e.g. Separation of Church & State, Prayer, and God, as these should also be Meaningless to an Atheist in the first place?
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