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Slavery versus Starvation; If you don't have any food, you don't have any food.

Last Updated: Saturday, January 22, 2022 3:15 PM

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The Facts
#1 - Nationwide 72% of the Black Mothers with children are single (and with 89% in Low Income areas). [1]
More Facts - STD and HIV Billbards
#2 - Most of the advertising Billboards for free STD/HIV testing are located in low-income areas. This doesn't just mean a medical epidemic, but lots of

(a) Sleeping Around,
(b) Betrayal, and
(c) Payback.

More Facts - STD and HIV Billbards
QUESTION #1 - Who's sleeping with who?

QUESTION #2 - Who's turn is it to take care of who's kid fathered by boyfriend #3?

QUESTION #3 - Who's turn is it to bring and pick up who's kid fathered by boyfriend #6?

QUESTION #4 - Who't turn is it to baby sit kid by fathered by boyfriend #2 (who died frlom black on black drug turf retaliation) so I can make my meeting with the Public Housing Assistance Counselor?

Basically, the Ghetto, is a non-stop, 24/7 Day-Time TV Talk Show fueled by Social Carrots and Alcohol.

More Whites on Welfare than Blacks
If Whites. as a whole and generational, were on Welfare more than Blacks, who screams the loudest when benefits are cut, and rules like drug testing and work/training are required?
Drug Testing on Welfare Recipents produces Lowest Positive Drug Results..,
P: Drug Testing doesn't work for Welfare and that has the lowest rate of detection.
CP: Correct. That's the whole Big Picture Strategy of Drug Testing...That is. to get Welfare Recipients to change and stop using Drugs.

And this is why Stop and Frisk works really well and forced the Criminal to change their ways and
Not Carry Weapons for Fear of Stop and Frisk.

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More Facts - STD and HIV Billbards
1 - Understanding Out-of-Wedlock Births in Black America - The Atlantic

2 - ABC Report Why Successful Black Women Find It So Hard To get Married - YouTube

3 - Facts On Unmarried Parents in the U.S. | Pew Research Center

4 - Children in single-parent families by race | KIDS COUNT Data Center

5 - Consequences of Fatherlessness - National Center for Fathering

6 - Surveillance for Violent Deaths - National Violent Death Reporting System, 27 States, 2015 - PubMed

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