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Didn't you get the Left-Wing Memo? HUSH! - DNC's Seth Rich Murder

Last Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2020 8:22 PM
Cohen's Plea Deal with Justice Department:

To the Client,
To the Justice Department,
To the AG Jeff Sessions,
To the Special Prosecutor,
To the Jury,
To the American People:

Why trust the testimony of a lawyer who secretly tape records his own clients?

In fact, why trust a lawyer who says he puts the Country before the President but then turns around and secretly asks foreign companies to pay money under the table for insider info on the President?

If a lawyer secretly tape records his clients, and then secretly deals with companies and foreign companies while expecting money under the table. why shouldn't we expect this same lawyer to secretly pay off female accusers with hush money without the client's knowledge?

Basically, wouldn't this lawyer have a proven history of secretely operating behind the wishes of his client?
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