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Democratic Socialism in Sweden, a model of success?

Last Updated: Sunday, December 11, 2022 9:23 AM
Sweden has Conscription (i.e. Mandatory Military Service)
First of all, Sweden, Finland have required military service. Norway has some sort of conscription as well and in 2013 extended mandatory military service for women as well.

So that right there addresses a lot in regards to gun control as well as Socialism via Responsibility. Denmark technically has required military service.

Free College & HealthCare? Not So Fast.
Next, see all that Free College and Health Care in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland? Well, guess what? That was paid with Mandatory Military Service by the Nordic populations (as well as American Soldiers stationed in Europe who are paid by American Tax Payers)

Norway Extends Compulsory Military Service to Women

'Sweden should follow Norway on conscription' - The Local

Conscription in Finland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Swedish Government Examines Return of Conscription

The Nordic Countries and the European Security and Defence Policy (SIPRI Monograph Series)

Other Notes About Sweden
Did you know the population of Sweden is like 9.6M. For Norway, it's 5M and Finland it's 5.4M

And you have to note that many of the population are too old or too young to defend their country. Hence, the population is so small they also need women in the military. Accordingly, these countries have very small populations and have quite a bit of land to defend. They could easily get overrun with such a small population if military service was not compulsory.

Almost always, smaller countries have mandatory military service due to being a small country.
Some have asked, "Why didn't they offer Free HealthCare and College to US vets during Vietnam War?"

Well, two things. First, the Vietnam War was a one-time thing. With Sweden's Conscription, it's all-the-time even if there is no war.
Sweden has conscription during Peace Time.

Second, the US Military Policy was working for WW1, WW2 and the Korean War. The economy was great, veterans came back and got jobs, and crime is super low. Hence, why fix was not broken?

Aside, if you offer student loans, colleges only raise their tuitions. Same with like home loans. If you offer loans for houses, sellers and housing manufacturers only raise their prices and offer bigger houses you don't need.
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