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Saving Donald Trump, Jr's Marriage - the mission is a marriage

Last Updated: Sunday, December 11, 2022 9:23 AM
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
- Matthew 5:9 KJV
* * * note: rough draft * * *
* * * above photo is based upon the movie Saving Private Ryan * * *

Recently, Don Jr and his wife announced they were getting divorced.

With the 2016 Presidential Election, Don Jr has been fighting for you, the American People.

Moreover, while Donald Trump Jr is fighting for you, the American People.
The Liberals are attacking his wife. e.g. white power by mail.

This most recent attack on the wife has put tremendous stress on Don Jr's wife with Don Jr being away fighting the good fight for the American People.

Returning the Favor
Don Jr's Wife and his 5 kids need for their father, Don Jr, to be more at home on a daily basis.

However, Don Jr cannot be in two places at the same time.

Don Jr cannot be both (1) on the campaign trail fighting for the American People and (2) then also be at home on a daily basis.

Hence, why don't we, The American People, return the favor and step up and give Don Jr some well-deserved R and R (Rest and Relaxation) in fighting the Good Conservative fight for America.

Secondly, we also need a way for Don Jr to be able to fight for the American People even while at home with his wife and five (5) kids.
Strategy to Save Marriage
First, we have to introduce a new way of campaigning as opposed to having political meetups, TV ads, mailers, Twitter Feuds, Tweet Storms, and even door-to-door.

This additional way will entail two parts: (#1) paratroopers and (#2) K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) web pages and memes.

Number #1 will be referred to as Conservative Paratroopers where Conservative Voters will wear garments like T-Shirts and Polo Shirts that simply displays a logo of the domain name of Number 2 below.

Number #2 will be the FoundingFathers.ORG website.

With Number# 2 using K.I.S.S. web pages and memes, the FoundingFathers.ORG will have the added benefits of a domain name that reminds people of who created the United States to begin with.

If the above can be done with (a) significant numbers and participation and (b) in an expedited manner, Don Jr should feel more at ease (as opposed to worrying about the next political battle) to spend more time at home with his wife and five (5) kids and hopefully save their marriage.

Lastly, while Don Jr and his wife want privacy in the matter, you can be sure those five (5) kids 100% approve of this attempt to save the marriage.
Tips for a Workaholic to stay Happily Married
It has been said that Don Jr is a work-a-holic and it probably runs in the family.

Nevertheless, Don Jr should plan to have more work done at home during his children's' school year. Political events and meetings during the school year should be local, no more than 1 to 2 hour(s) drive time away.

During the summer, there should be good planners, at least two great planners and travel agents, to schedule Don Jr, wife and family to always be at his side and have rented homes and hotels with generally the same household items.

Don Jr's Planners and Personal Assistants could also rent small and large meeting space that is a short drive away to host work and political meetings and events.

The planners should arrive a day or two before to make sure everything is working, especially the Internet for political and work communications.

Full mobile access even on the road will help Don Jr while also being with his wife and kids side.

While during the kids' school year, Don Jr could employ more secure video conferencing meetings and events to communicate with political advisors and VIP's. This allows Don Jr to be at home in a home office room.

Don Jr should consult with computer experts on how to "work remotely", and work via "telecommute" so that he can be home more with his wife and kids during the school year.

Overall, during the kids'' school year, planners and personal assistants should schedule and have meetings close to where Don Jr lives.

Don Jr should consult with how Computer Programmers and Experts on how to work remotely and give tips Don Jr on how to be with his family while working on the computer or the phone.

For example, for Don Jr to be more accessible to his wife and five kids, Don Jr should use more More Text Messaging and E-mail versus phone calls or conference calls. Using Text Messaging and EMail allows you to multi-task and communicate "asychronously"; hence you can text message and email while also answer your wife and kids questions.

With a phone call, all your attention has to be focused on the other caller, and you have no time to answer questions from your wife or kids.

Don Jr should have at least three (3) really good computers in his office with the main one having at least two (2) 27" high-end monitors. All this should be networked and a trusted techie should teach Don Jr to be computer efficient with his time.

Don't be surprised even the best, very successful. and richest persons don't use their computer wisely and efficient like a good computer programmer can (and not like a 10x programmer), of which, can save lots of time.

Don Jr (as well as his wife), should have a trusted techie give short 10 to 60 minute lessons tailored to Don Jr daily tasks, once a week and be available by phone (and quickly in person, 10 -15 minute travel time) to help "increase" their tech efficiency tech skills. Seriously, this would be a huge time saver. If you have to have rent a house or get a sweet deal apartment for this trusted techie, then this should happen.

Perhaps, Don Jr and wife can be shown speed tips to be more efficient at their E-Mail programs and also use of Twitter.

Yes, it can be tough to get a trusted techie as many in the tech community are Liberal voters, but you got to keep searching.
Conservative Paratroopers: We're supposed to be surrounded by Liberals
For more info on being a

    (a) Conservative Paratrooper,
    (b) step-by-step instructions, and
    (c) equipment (e.g. Polo Shirts and T-Shirts),

please click here.
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One more thing.

If you want to save a marriage, it would really
help if you could share this web page.

Hopefully, the entire Trump Family will get word of this
and more importantly, Don Jr and his wife
will give the above ideas a try
before calling it quits.


For the Silent Majority Who want to get into the Game ...Silently

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