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The Louisiana Homestead Exemption - Another Form of Public Housing via Property Tax Bait-and-Switch

Last Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2020 7:43 PM

The Homestead Exemption:
      "One Step Forward, Three Steps Backward"
While those, who think they get a break on their property taxes with the Homestead Exemption, they are being deceived as they also have to pay higher sales taxes, income taxes, permits, fees, etc. etc.

Secondly, that Homestead Exemption fuels welfare-crack houses like you see in Orleans Parish where the property owners pay zero property taxes and allow their properties to become blighted and then rent out always in trouble Section 8.

Third, because Homestead Exemption creates ghettos, it also drives and scares way businesses and good jobs..

QUESTION: Is the Tax Liability of Louisiana really "about average" compared to the other 49 states in America?

ANSWER: First, state-by-state statistical comparisons are almost always misleading as only a handful of neighborhoods, or a tiny demographic, can easily skew the overall state-wide results.

Hence, the real question(s) to be asked are...

Q1: What is the tax liability of the Rich compared to other states?

Q2: What is the tax liability of the Middle Class compared to other states?

Q3: What is the tax liability of the Poor compared to other states?

Q4: What is the tax liability of the Small Businesses compared to other states?

Q5: What is the tax liability of the Big Businesses compared to other states?

If you look at Q3, the Poor in Louisiana, via the Homestead Exemption, have paid zero taxes, in both property taxes; and also sales taxes, because the Poor are on Food Stamps anyway.

Hence, the overall Tax Liability of Louisiana, to make it "average" to other states, is because the Middle Class, Rich, and businesses carry all the burden of Tax Liability in Louisiana, while the Poor spends all of the taxes but pays none nor do the Poor get out of Poverty even with Free Housing and Food Stamps for over 90 years.

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