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Hollywood: Movie Tax Credit = Fake Long Term Economics: A state giving tax credits to Hollywood  incentivizing them to choose from the same set of locations, architecture, and culture. Yet, by its inherent  nature, Hollywood must continuously move to different locations and cultures to fuel the creative aspect of storytelling.

Last Updated: Friday, October 8, 2021 1:39 AM
Hollywood Economic Impact: The Fool's Gold of Short-Sighted Politicians

Georgia should not be concerned about Hollywood Filming Movies over there (or threatening to leave), as, by its nature, Hollywood must constantly move to different locations for the creative aspect of storytelling.

Just a few years ago. Louisiana used to be called the Hollywood of the South via Way Too Generous Movie Filming Tax Credits, but those Movie Tax Credits didn't add to the state's bottom line in budgeting and paying for infrastructure after more than a decade of incentives.

Hence, Louisiana put a 300M cap on tax credits.

Greedy Hollywood still balked and instantly went to Georgia even after Louisiana invested hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits over a decade or so and still, even today, allows $300M per year in movie tax credits.

Regardless, Hollywood does not (and should not) invest in permanent local infrastructure as their business is always to find new and creative stories to tell. And that means going to new locations and new cultures.

Movie Tax Credits are a short term Fool's Gold to helping the state's economy.

The general public seeing Movie Trucks here and there in the city is more PR and hype than actual real jobs that are grounded and fixed in the local economy. This is sort of like a traveling circus or concert that wants a tax credit to come to your city. But in the end, they don't add to the permanant economy.

Other fool's gold tax credit examples are the Superbowl, Olympics, BCS, Final 4 of which are all temporary PR and hype.

Lastly, most movies only take 6 weeks to film anyway, and a lot of the Pre and Post production work is not done in Georgia anyway as it's all digital professionals and computers working in some other state or even outside the USA.

More Economic Impact => More of the Same Culture and Storylines...which means it's time to go, creativewise.
If you hear that Hollywood's Economic Impact in Georgia is in the billions of dollars, 9 billion? Then you should expect to see and hear the same types of movies, story lines, plots and cultures. That means eventually, sooner rather than later, Hollywood has, and should, leave Georgia just for the sake of creativity.
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