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Hillary's EMail Server: DNC 101: How to wipe clean Hillary's EMail Server

Last Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2020 7:43 PM
Multiple EMal Accounts...
Multiple E-Mail Accounts does not mean you need a Personal Email Server at your own Private Residence. Furthermore, it is extremely rare occurance for a non-technical person to have a private email server at their own private residence.
Like with a Cloth or something...
On one hand Hillary has the technical knowledge to demand that a personal e-mail server be installed at her own private residence (an extremely rare occurance for a non-technical person).

However, when asked the question from the crowd, "Did you wipe the server clean?", she gestures with her hand a wiping motion and then replies, "like with a cloth or something?"
Mission Critical
As Secretary of State, you're all over the world globetrotting in many different time zones and communicating with heads of state in a 24/7/365 Mission Critical (and LIfe and Death) Environment. That means 24/7 physical access to the email server by the IT staff for State Dept personal safety. In other words, a Personal E-Mail Server at a Residential address is a huge reliability, security and safety risk to all US Foreign Embassy staff and their families.
Knock, knock. House Call.
Who is going to go out to the Clinton's Residential Address and perform physical maintenance at a private residential house when the server freezes up from a hardware failure or there is a problem with the router or modem? And when the IT guy goes out there, is there going to be someone there 24/7/365 to let the IT guy in? And when the IT guy gets there, would Bill (WJC) be sleeping and/or would "Female Guest(s)" would be there? 
Team Player? Or Team Traitor?

The US State Department has a $65B/year budget and 69,000 employees in US Foreign Embassies all over the world, and many in Life and Death dangerous places. For the Secretary of State to break the law and completely disobey State Dept. I.T. Security & Safety policy with a residential, personal E-Mail server is to have a far less reliable & secure communication system that puts all State Dept. Foreign Service Employees at far greater Life & Death risk, eg Benghazi, ISIS, Aleppo.

The Security and Safety of the US State Dept Foreign Service Employees is a Team Sport. The 69,000 State employees, including the huge IT staff at the State Dept and US Embassies all over the world, work together (and is Stronger Together) as a team. A Personal, Residential E-Mail Server means a Team Traitor. And perhaps, a Team Thief? eg Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Foundation?

In summary, having a residential, personal e-mail server when you are Secretary of State means Team Traitor.

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