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Last Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2020 7:40 PM
Press Conferences
FDR: 337 in 1st year in office, 881 for total presidency

HILLARY CLINTON: Zero (0) from Dec '15, ~ 260 days without a press conference.
Press Conferences
FDR: 51

HILLARY CLINTON: 69, if elected

(Age difference: 18 years, if elected)
Press Conferences
Polio, but certainly didn't show it, as he had 337 press conferences in 1st year and 881 throughout presidency.

1. Blood Clots in '98, "transverse sinus thrombosis,"
an "exceedingly rare clot" - Dr. Drew
2. Double Vision, wore wear prism glasses around Jan '13
3. Fainted in '12 and caused a concussion.
4. Coughing Fits as recently as Jan '16
5. Fell down in '09 while walking to car as Secretary of State.
6. Prescription blood thinner, Coumadin, Aug '15
7. Hypothyroidism, Takes, Armour Thyroid, a thyroid hormone replacement, as well as antihistamines, and vitamin B12


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