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Last Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2020 1:29 PM
Illegal Aliens ahve to live somewhere
When illegals aliens arrive in South Florida, they have to live somewhere and it's not going to be for free. Hence, South Florida Landlords have lots of pricing power and can pick whoever pays the most rent. Hence, those South Florida Hispanics who think a Wall is racist should look at their housing costs and ask, Would rents go higher with more illegals in South Florida?
High Florida Migration = High Rents
Since the US / Mexico Border is porous, there are just too many illegal aliens moving to South Florida. By putting a WALL, you slow down migration and hence you give time for housing stock to catch up and allow for housing stock supply & demand to balance out instead of Bubbling Up, and Bursting.
Illegal Aliens Under Cut Existing Hispanic Salaries and Prices
Newer Illegal Aliens are desperate & will undercut any existing Hispanic Worker in South Florida, legal or illegal.

Can you expect all those Illegal Aliens not to work for less? No, you can't.

Accordingly, that puts salary & hourly wage rate pressure on Existing Hispanic Workers in South Florida, legal or illegal. South Florida Hispanics can't have it both ways. They can't support illegal immigration and expect to have the same salaries
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