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Who are the UnInsured?

Last Updated: Friday, March 23, 2018 9:40 PM
To Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare Providers:
Do you see the same people without insurance over and over again in the ER and clinics? And if so, please give us a *breakdown* what types of persons these are? And are most of their problems self-inflicted? e.g. Are many of these uninsured drug addicts and/or alcoholics using the expensive E.R.? And are many obese?

Did ACA "affordability" make any real quality of life differences for the previously uninsured?
That is, did they change their self-destructive habits? Or does the "affordability" Social Carrot enable their unhealthy behavior? Hence maybe the Un-Insured need The Stick, i.e. less medicine, more pain, in order to get better?
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