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Gun Control vs Self Control - Instead of Laws on Gun Control, why not put Discipline (Self-Control) back in Schools?

Last Updated: Saturday, November 5, 2022 8:15 PM
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Class Room vs Court Room - The Hypocracy of Left Wing Judges
Public Schools today are so politically correct, schools cannot discipline students. It is so bad in the classroom, many inner-city schools cannot attract or keep teachers because there is no order in the classroom.

For an example of how bad classrooms are, a single bad student can easily disturb an entire classroom of students while they are expected to learn from the teacher at the same time.

Moreover, the Left-Leaning judges, for that school system, orders the principal and teachers, "you have to keep that kid in class, and you cannot discipline that student."

Yet, these same Left-Wing judges demand "order" in the courtroom and can hold anyone in the in courtroom contempt and put them in jail for disturbing the court.

Hence, these Left-Leaning Judges demand order in their courtroom (and get it with the court bailiff) while allowing constant disturbances and chaos in public school classrooms
Second Amendment Supporters, as well as the Self-Defense Industry (aka the Gun Lobby), need to go on political offense instead of playing defense against Left-Leaning Lawmakers and Social Justice Warriors whenever a mass shooting occurs.

2nd Amendment Supporters need to point out how public schools are worse than prisons where there are no rules and no God and only Political Correctness is taught.

They can also point out that ghettos are dangerous not because of guns, it's because of "repeat" offenders. That is, the same criminals are constantly committing the same crimes again and again (and were doing so even earlier as juveniles).

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