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Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke means Child Endangerment

Last Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2020 10:13 AM
Bright Eyed vs Cloudy Eyes
Have you seen small kids or toddlers in low income areas where their eyes are not Bright Eyed White like they should be? Sort of like glassy and cloudy looking. Have you seen adults in parking lots where you could see they were sitting outside the car and you can smell marijuana smoke, yet, you could see baby seats in the back of their car?
Non-Violent Drug Addict
Hence, do you really want a so-called Non-Violent Drug Addict smoking weed in close vicinity next to their children? Is it any wonder why children in low income areas do so poorly in school, or are disciplined more, when their so called Non-Violent Drug Addicts parents smoke weed close to their children or even in the same house to avoid being detected? And is it really Lead poisoning? Or is it Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke from Non-Violent Drug Addicts that they are confusing with Lead Poisoning or ADHD in school children?
Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke is basically Child Endangerment.

And in the bigger picture,

Non-Violent Pot Heads + Children = Cycle Of Poverty & Crime.
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