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JURY TRIAL COMPROMISE 101 FOR THE 21 CENTURY - Instead of requiring all Defendents to have Unanimous Jury Trials, you  can compromise below. A -Defendent with Prior Convictions - Non-Unanimous Jury Verdict OK; B- Defendent with no Prior Convictions- Unanimous Jury Verdict Needed

Last Updated: Monday, May 14, 2018 8:21 PM
Unanimous or Non-Unanimous Jury Trials?
In regards to the unanimous jury trial verdicts and non-unanimous jury trial verdicts, states and the feds should propose that those defendants with prior convictions don't have to have a unanimous jury trial verdict.

That is, 11 - 1 for say, one prior conviction. and 10 - 2 for two or more prior convictions.

And those defendents with no convictions can get a unanimous jury trial.

That's called Compromise 101 in the 21st Century.
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